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We limit screens to programs that engage and challenge. So Cheeky Tunes is perfect for us.
Cheeky Tunes Regular
Mother Jennifer


We're obsessed with Cheeky Tunes and feel so grateful to have found it.
Cheeky Tunes Regular
Mother Alana


It teaches them so much, it's not just entertainment.
Cheeky Tunes Regular
Mother Alison
Trusted and loved by childcare providors

Since 2018 Cheeky Tunes has partnered with many  childcare providors

Unlimited Access To All Material

Attended as many Live Shows as you like as well as well as access to the extensive Cheeky Tunes Library with secret videos guest appearances, downloadable resources and music.

Membership  FREE

What You Will Access

We want to keep your child engaged  and challenged so and we are giving access to a massive about of videos, music and resources.

Live Shows 

Every week we have live shows via Zoom, Youtube, and Facebook. You are invited to them all. 

Interaction with Performer

You have the option to turn your camera on and have visual interaction, written chat also available.

Special Guests

Every episode will have a special guest. You can also access music and video of each guest through the Library.

Cheeky Tunes Library

The Library contains videos, music and extra activities not available anywhere else.

Industry Leading Program

Cheeky Tunes is designed to appear to be a show but has the affect of a class. Each show is packed with a variety of interactive musical activities that are sure to keep your child engaged, challenged and delighted. 

Course Content
Props based activities
 A Wide Variety

The activities are diverse and physically engaging. One song the kids will be rocking a baby doll to sleep, the next playing the drum, the next playing floor is lava.

Cultural Diversity
Indigenous Perpective and Foreign Language

Eleanor draws on her own Indigenous heritage to provide songs and activities in Aboriginal language. Also features songs foreign language from around the world.

Physical Well-being
Getting Them Moving

The show is designed to have children  jumping, dancing, acting and running. Activities help to build gross and fine motor skills

  • Content Designed to Increase Confidence

Watch this 5 minute video to get insight into what you can expect

"I've seen so many changes"
Melissa, Mother of Souzy  

Melissa joined Cheeky Tunes a year ago. Previously she had tried lots of different children's activities but her daughter did not seem to want to get involved.

When she first began she said that her daughter was very reserved and unsure of herself.

Melissa wasn't even sure that Souzy would engage with the activities at all. 

After about the 3rd session Melissa started to see a change in her daughter's behaviour, she was engaging and trying new things in a way that she hadn't seen before.

A year on Souzy is a completely different child, and Melissa is certain is it because of Cheeky Tunes. 


I never would have thought that my daughter would become the girl that she is and I know it's because of Cheeky Tunes.

"It's ticks all the boxes"
Filomena, Director of Kids art Play Childcare Centre
Cheeky Tunes has been partnering with Kids at Play fro over a year. When Cheeky Tunes was first introduced as music program Mena said that her life got a whole lot easier. She didn't have to do any research or preparation. The program had everything she was looking for; movement, music, foreign language, indigenous content. 

The Program fits into all the Early Learning Framework Outcomes. I didn't have to do any research or preparations, it was all done for me!

Get started.
Unlimited access to LIVE SHOWS
You can join in all of the shows. Any shows you miss will also be recorded and available to watch again. 
Live time interaction with Performer
This is what makes all the difference. Children are able to stay connected and build their confidence through interaction with the performer.
Huge Library of videos music and activities.
We have created a library of videos, songs and activities not available anywhere else. Also you get access to special guest's music and videos so you can enjoy a wider range of children's content.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it really free or are there charges involved?

Access to the membership is completely free. The only time you will pay is if you want to book a private show for your centre or if you want to purchase merchandise.

How Many Shows Can I join?
You will have full access to all the shows. They will also be recorded and be available to watch afterwards.
I'm not very good with technology, is it complicated to join the shows?
We have gone to a lot of thought and effort to make it as easy and user-friendly as possible. It's easy.
What if I don't want my child to be on video?
You have the option of interacting through chat or through video during the show. You can select your own level of privacy.
What if I miss a show?
Our aim is to provide more shows than you can watch. If you miss a show you are welcome to watch the recorded shows afterwards. If you want the performer to mention your child's name during the show even if you can'y make it you can let us know up to 2 hours before the show.
Can I view the class on my phone?
Shows are done via Zoom. This can be accessed on your computer, ipad or phone. You will need to download the zoom app for the best experience.
How do I attend the shows?
Shows will be delivered through Zoom. We provide detailed instructions on how to use this platform. 

What are you waiting for? 

Join the cheeky musical fun today.


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